Green Your Freight

What makes GYF service unique, is that it’s designed BY its users FOR its users.

Given that in the business environment, time and effort are of essence, GYF service via its unique approach and customer-centric design, offers easy, fast, and secure last-mile delivery services at a competitive price, plus providing attractive benefits to the GYF app users.

The environmental, technical, and economic benefits of the GYF
service are:

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The GYF service results in zero or near-zero emissions production, as the freight service is provided by vehicles already on the road for another purpose.

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The GYF service provides an urban area service with intermodal options to connect different urban areas.

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The GYF service provides the fastest and cheapest way to transport goods within an urban area through matching a set route the costs of which have already been covered with an ad-hoc freight transport request.