Green Your Freight

From our perspective, urban mobility may be regarded as a service to leverage, rather than being perceived as a detriment to a carrier, taking into consideration factors such as expenses and unoccupied rides. GYF relies on routes already being implemented, while offering the GYF users competitive rewards for their continuous engagement.

What makes GYF service unique, is that is designed BY its users FOR its users.

We can ensure zero or near to zero emissions for your freight delivery with our innovative approach on within-the-day and cheap last-mile delivery.

Based on algorithms developed by the University of Thessaly, the total environmental savings till the end of the GYF project will be:

We aim to catalyze the potential of urban freight transport through intermodal freight services in order to achieve zero pollution freight distribution. 

The project also aims to provide policy recommendations by creating the framework for intermodal urban freight transport, via bringing together various key players in the transport sector as well as researchers from academia, policy makers and the local governments through an inclusive approach. 

Different views are gathered to bridge the different interests of stakeholders and lead to a more sustainable urban freight distribution model. The resulting outcomes are intended to bridge the different interests of stakeholders, leading to sustainable urban freight distribution models and increased policy impact of the project on a macro level.

We expect that other last-mile delivery services will eventually use GYF service to improve their performance and efficiency.