Green Your Freight

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Our Story – How it all started

The GreenYourFreight project was conceptualized based on the fact that transport is the cornerstone of European integration and is vital for the free movement of people, services, and goods. Transport also makes a substantial contribution to the economy, accounting for over 9% of the EU’s gross value added.

While mobility is important for our society, it does not come without disadvantages. Among others, these include greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, air, and noise pollution, road accidents, traffic congestion and loss of biodiversity.

These disadvantages have a substantial negative impact on the quality of life, health, economy, and employability. Air pollution still stands as a major issue in many areas, despite mitigation measures already in place.

All the above served as our driving force to give shape and form our initial idea – on zero emission freight transport – into a project. Background data and helpful information were provided by the results of the following projects and studies:

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Our vision statement
What we dream of

Our vision is to revolutionize the logistics sector by providing the first sustainable, affordable, and environmentally friendly last-mile solutions. Our main objective is to question the current practice of environmental stewardship in freight transportation. Our purpose is to improve urban logistics’ social and environmental elements so that future generations can enjoy a more sustainable and greener world.

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Our mission statement
What we aim of

We aim to bring our vision to life by incorporating cutting-edge technology and environmentally responsible practices into the logistics sector. By maximizing freight transport efficiency while reducing its environmental impact, we adhere to our commitment for sustainable, efficient, and user-centric last-mile delivery service.