The GreenYourFreight (GYF) initiative employs an innovative method by maximizing the efficiency of vehicle utilization, decreasing the environmental impact of freight delivery, and leveraging existing transportation capabilities to achieve sustainable last-mile logistics.

The primary goal of the GreenYourFreight (GYF) project is to transform last-mile delivery logistics by creating a cutting-edge platform that encourages environmentally friendly freight practices and solves transportation-related issues. The concept intends to optimize the benefits of mobility while greatly reducing the drawbacks of traditional transportation.

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GYF envisions to lead the way in the sustainable transformation of freight by integrating last-mile delivery solutions that are both financially and environmentally viable.

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Our mission is to transform the logistics sector by implementing an eco-friendly and state-of-the-art last mile delivery service. Our aim is to provide a reliable service for packages to safely reach their destination on time and with the minimal carbon emissions possible.

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fundamental principles

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